10 Absolute Signs That She Is Flirting With You!

Is she just being nice to you or actually flirting with you?

Can’t get to a conclusion? We have compiled some signs that might help you to clear out all the confusion. We hope we are helping!

1) If the girl initiates a conversation that really means a lot

Typically, women rarely do this, but if she has done it then this is a good sign and she might be interested in knowing more about you.

2) Does she keep on staring at you?

She might be shy at coming up to you and chatting with you but, if you have seen her glancing at you many times, then you should definitely go and talk to her.

3) She enjoys sharing jokes with you and even laughs at your stupid jokes

Does she constantly jokes around and teases you? If yes, then we think that she might be crushing on you!

4) Is she always smiling when you look at her?

There goes the first clear signal. If she smiles at you with her sparkly eyes, then that’s an indication that she might be interested in you.

5) She might get little touchy

Although this might be a friendly gesture, frequent light touches on your wrist and forearm while she is talking might be a big signal.

6) Look at the way she talks

Lots of hmms or umms.. might indicate that she is a bit nervous around you and nervousness is almost always when you are around your crush.

7) Does she play a lot with her hair when she is around you?

Constant hair twirling or playing might just be an indicator of interest. At times, girls do this to attract attention.

8) Just notice if she is making odd excuses to be with you

She is actually trying to spend some more time with you.

9) She might even ask you things like- Do I look fat or ugly?

Girls often use these little tricks to get some compliments.

10) She will try to know more about your interests

She clearly wants to interact more with you and is looking for something more than friendship.

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