According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here Is What Colour You Should Be Wearing

According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here Is What Colour You Should Be Wearing

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you, it brings forth your dark impulses, things that you get annoyed with, how trustworthy you are as a person and what are your characteristic nuances as a lover, spouse or a parent.

But apart from all of these personality traits and compatibility, there are certain colors that are assigned for different zodiac signs that help them radiate their organic aura without even having to speak.

According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here Is What Colour You Should Be Wearing

Here we suggest to you the right colour to wear as per zodiac signs that’ll help you win in every sphere in your life –
(Yes, it’ll also help with that first date)

1) Aries – Red

The colour red stirs Aries’ soul and enhances passion, energy, and initiative. It’s the colour of excitement and assertion, which supports Aries’ active nature and eagerness for life.

2) Taurus – Pink

Airy pink and light blue help to open Taurus’ heart and soften its presence. These pale hues bring a calming and likeable presence to Taurus’ personality.

3) Gemini – Green

Gemini - Green

Fresh green nurtures Geminis’ spirit and reinforces its connection to nature and growth. Just like the lush pastures reside in, green represents growth and Gemini is a sign of absolute progress.

4) Cancer- White

Cancer- White

Bright white and silver connect Cancer with its intuition and provide a clean, clear slate. Like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the Moon, silver and white are colours of intuition and purity.

5) Leo- Orange

Glistening orange empowers Leo’s warm heart and strengthens its positive spirit. Shining with royalty and class, orange has always been a symbol of power and prestige, just like the sun.

6) Virgo – Peach

Your go-to colours are the pastel and pale shades of all colours ranging from Peach to Mauve and Light Blue and Light Pink. It shows the delicacy and the strength that the Virgo’s growth demonstrates.

7) Libra – Black

In western culture the colour black is associated with death and rebirth, enhancing Libra’s strength of letting go and its ability to transform itself, just like their personality.

8) Scorpio – Maroon

Dark and mysterious black keeps Scorpio intensely inquisitive and focussed on transformation. Maroon represents the depths where the Scorpion resides, and strengthens its drive to look below the surface and question everything.

9) Sagittarius – Yellow

As the colour of spirituality and awareness, yellow pushes Sagittarius’ philosophical mind toward enlightenment and openness. Also a colour of abundance, yellow encourages Sagittarius’ natural luck and positive nature and drives it to continuously broaden its horizons.

10) Capricorn – Khakhi Green

Earthy green (khakhi)  and brown help Capricorn find the strongest and most practical path to take in life. These strong but neutral colours enhance Capricorn’s solidity, reliability, and traditionalism.

11) Aquarius – Blue

Calming blue helps encourage Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and balance its restless energy. Just like the sky and the waters Aquarius is so closely connected to, blue represents vastness and creates a smooth flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation.

12) Pisces – Violet

Perfectly purple brings about healing and renewal and connects Pisces with its subconscious. As the colour of life, purple represents renewal and inspiration, encouraging the healing and rejuvenating energies that Pisces is known for.

I hope these colours work in your favour.

Do You Have Your Life Sorted In Your 20? If Not, You Should Read This

he human mind is a weird place to be in. Just when you’re on the verge of completing your teens, the mind says, “Oh you’re entering your 20s, you still got time to figure life out.” And then you begin preparing yourself for the upcoming challenges. Because life didn’t warn you about the obstacles that you’re about to face and so you’re stuck with a lot of “what the fuck just happened?”

But then, you start living each year as it comes and you’re yet in the comfort zone and keep procrastinating your life decisions a year after the other. But for once if you think deeper than your otherwise baseless overthinking skills, you’ll learn that twenties are actually the most important years of your entire life.

You got to live and not just survive.

Once you enter your twenties, life goes by and time flies, quite literally. While you daydream about how you spent your 20th birthday, you suddenly realize, “Holy shit, I’m 26!” And then reality strikes a little harder than ever and you contemplate the next ten years of your life and where you’d be from where you are today. Because clearly, nobody would choose to just survive on the little money that they started making in their first jobs but would want to live to their fullest instead.

Because life’s most defining moments happens by the age of 35.

How much ever you ignore the fact, but eighty percent of your life’s defining moments take place before you even hit 35. You’re in your mid-twenties and life is still sweet to you. You’ve probably moved out and have been living alone, making a life of your own, slogging your ass off for your dream job and end your days either partying or working overtime. You’re not bothered about what your next year is going to be like and hitting the 30s is not even going to be thought because “Come on! I don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner tonight, why would I even think of my thirties right now?”

It’s time to figure your life out.

So before life gives you lemons, get yourself together right in your twenties and plan well for your thirties. Make the most of the time you get. Take up courses, pick a new hobby, an intern at more than two places, work for different professions and only then decide what would you want to pick as your career, travel the world. Because why not?

10 Hottest Indian Cricket Couples Ever

Hey, you always look for Cricket News. Here are 10 hottest Indian cricket couple who remain in the limelight for their game playing skills, lavish lifestyle and love life. You will be surprised by knowing secrets about them.

10 Hottest Indian Cricket Couples Ever

So, check out who these star cricketers are:

1) Suresh Raina & Priyanka Chaudhi

In 2015, Suresh Raina & Priyanka got married. Reporters say that both of them are friends since their childhood. Raina is very active on the field and never miss any catch. Also, he never misses loving his beloved wife Priyanka.

2) Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

Relationship of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has been controversial. Many fans believe that performance of Virat Kohli is not up to the mark due to his love life. In most of the matches both of them have been seen together. Senior players have always compared Virat with Sachin.

3) MS Dhoni & Sakshi Rawat

MS Dhoni’s nickname is Mahi. He is very popular among top cricketers around the world. In his captainship, India won ICC world cup of 50-50, 20-20 & championship trophy.

4) Gautam Gambhir & Natasha Jain

Gautam Gambhir was the Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, which is an IPL team India won many matches due to his wonderful batting. His wife Natasha Jain is glamorous and had always mentored Gambhir’s performance. Hope the love charm works in future cricket matches.

5) Sachin Tendulkar & Anjali Tendulkar

You will be astonished by knowing that his wife is six-year older than him. At marriage time, they were featured as breaking news of all top rated media across the globe. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is known as the God of cricket, so his wife is surely the queen.

6) Yusuf Pathan & Affreen

Yusuf Pathan is an all rounder cricketer. His most of shots at international matches goes out of the boundary, thanks to his wife from all fans. Yusuf’s wife Affreen is a nice and kind lady.

7) Stuart Binny & Mayanti Langer

Stuart Binny is all rounder, his strike rate is quite good as compared to young cricketers. His wife Mayanti Langer is an Indian TV sports journalist with STAR. She looks very innocent and pretty. Also, she has hosted many highlighted tournaments like Football on Zee Sports, 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast on ESPN, and 2010 Commonwealth Games.

8) Ravi Chandra Aswin & Prithi Narayanan

Ravi Chandra Aswin is a famous spinner who has taken more than 150 wickets. He is a wicket taking bowler. Sources state that his wife Prithi is housewife and is very much conscious for him most of the time, when they go for shopping.

9) Rohit Sharma & Ritika Sajdeh

Rohit Sharma is only man who Scored more than 200 runs twice. Rohit’s are Ritika Sajdeh are childhood friends. This couple is one of the most romantic cricket couples. Ritika works for BCCI.

10) Shikhar Dhawan & Ayesha Mukherjee

Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha got married in 2012. Most interesting thing about them, they have the  age difference of 10years. This shows that age is never a restriction for true love.

10 Unique Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

You’ve just enjoyed the dearest day of your life and have exchanged marital vows. Blessings, best wishes, and gifts have poured in from family and friends. The crazy shopping time and exhausting to-do lists are now past; it’s now time to have some fun with your spouse.

What follows a wedding is the much-awaited honeymoon, which is often the most exciting part of a marriage. The memories collated during this time will continue to live with you till your last breath. Needless to say, the experience will be cherished for decades that follow. Therefore, it becomes quite imperative to choose your honeymoon destination after thorough research without compromising on your tastes and preferences.

Unique Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

In case, you are someone who just doesn’t like to follow the crowd and are seeking something different, then here are 10 unique honeymoon destinations you can choose from.

1) La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, Spain honeymoon destination

Luscious green vineyards running far and wide across the landscape seem surreal and too good to be true. Enjoy a wine laced honeymoon in La Rioja and do not miss to halt at the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture that features original Picassos, besides wine bottles from ancient Rome.

You can relax and enjoy the scenic vineyard from the museum’s café that welcomes visitors with open arms.

2) Capri, Italy

Visitors to this beautiful city are lured by the popular Blue Grotto sea cave and vibrant homes that line the seaside. Besides, the small, rocky ridge along the Amalfi coast adds to the romantic atmosphere that is ideal for the newly-weds. You will fall in love with the serene blue beaches there.

3) Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Our list of amazing honeymoon destinations would be incomplete if we skipped mentioning the Maldives. Heaven on earth, the Maldives is simply surreal and incredibly gorgeous. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has a restaurant under the Indian Ocean where you can enjoy delicious food while the fish entertain you by their graceful swimming prowess.

This place will leave you spellbound and fetch a permanent place in your cherished memories.

4) Hvar, Croatia

Lying adjacent to the Adriatic Sea, this Croatian town of Hvar is mostly a popular destination for party junkies but it has something in it that fills the air with romance. You can simply want to relax at the beach, go boating or even better take a dip in the dazzling waters. The lavender fields are also quite lucrative and will woo you with their beauty.

Plan a day trip to the Paklinski Islands, which is full of hidden coves and provide a romantic escape for couples.

5) Lapland, Finland

Honeymoons don’t always mean getting cozy in your swimwear or watching the sunset at the seaside. Ditch the trend and opt for a snowy experience instead.

Fly to this Finnish city of Lapland and see how winters liven up the entire region. Enjoy some husky rides, ice-fishing, snowmobile excursions and more at this snow-laced place and you will wish your honeymoon never ends. To add to your excitement, let me tell you that you can also witness Northern Lights if you get lucky.

6) Makepeace Island, Australia

This heart-shaped island is just a dream come true. If you want your precious time to be undisturbed and away from the hustle-bustle of humanity, then all you need is to book your trip here.
Lo and behold, the island will be all yours and you will be given an exclusive treatment with nobody around except for the ones you have invited with you (if any). You are free to decide your own dress code and nobody will interfere in your decisions. Isn’t it awesome?

Also View: Honeymoon in Iceland

7) Portmeirion, Wales

Remember the cult 60’s show ‘The Prisoner’? If you have been a follower of the show, then you will instantly recollect this place as “The Village’. Celebrities like Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul McCartney have visited this place and loved it to the core. Even the rad musical festival (Festival No. 6) was held here. Am I right in guessing that you are booking your tickets to Wales right away?

8) The Caribbean

A hot favorite among young couples, the Caribbean is a romantic haven for newly-weds. From snorkeling to horse-riding to cycling through the striking surroundings, the place is sure to woo you with its charm and verve.

Enjoy fresh seafood and relaxed time at the sandy beaches that boast of clear water and natural beauty.

9) Cartagena, Colombia

Not everyone likes the idea of beachside honeymoons and if you are looking for something vibrant and lively, then Cartagena is the ideal place for you. You can walk down the colorful streets hand in hand or have a laid back conversation in an outdoor café.

When the sun has gone down, you can salsa the evening before heading back to your own private time.

10) Panajachel, Guatemala

Panajachel, Guatemala

Panajachel lies in the southwestern Guatemalan Highlands and offers thermal spas, adventure hiking as well as an opportunity to explore some Mayan ruins. You may also want to kick-start your married life with blessings from God and make a quick trip to Lake Atitlan where you will find yourself gaping at the stunning volcanic backdrop.

You can go kayaking at the lake but the highlight of this place is the Mayan spas that will make you yearn for more.

Which place would you like to go for a Honeymoon?

Gender Equality Will Never Be Achieved If These Laws Remain in the Books

We have always been talking about women empowerment and gender equality. But even today, women are not considered equal to men. And it’s not just our society, but our laws too, which are discriminatory against women. While you might be aware of some of them, you will be shocked to know others.

Have a quick glimpse to get an insight into the harsh reality of Indian legislations.

1) The Hindu laws of inheritance

The Hindu law of inheritance, which though has brought several amendments to bring the law in line with gender equality, still has many provisions that treat men and women differently. When a woman dies without having a spouse or children living at the time of her death, her property devolves to her husband’s heir. Thus, even if the deceased woman was ill-treated in her marital home, her husband’s mother or father will get her property instead of her own mother or father.

2) Parsi women lose all rights when married outside religion

Under the personal law, Parsi daughters who marry a non-Parsi loses all the property rights under Parsi religion. They also lose the right to practice the religion and the children born out of such marriage are not considered as a part of the community. When a non-Parsi woman marries a Parsi man, she is entitled to only half of their husband’s property.

3) Muslim law also treats men and women differently

When it comes to biasness, it’s not just the Hindu or Parsi law, but the personal law of all the religions are discriminatory in nature. Under Muslim Law, it is legally permissible for a man to have as many as five wives at a time. Muslim women, on the other hand, are given very few rights. Muslim men can divorce their wives at any time, however, the women can give divorce only when their husbands delegate them this right- by Khula or Mubarat.

4) No right in the marital property after divorce

Upon separation or divorce, an Indian woman is entitled only to claim maintenance from her husband. She has no right to the assets, such as the matrimonial home or commercial property, bought in her husband’s name during the marriage.

5) Is raping a separated wife, not a serious crime?

The Indian Penal Code, 1860, provides for a lesser punishment in case of rape of a separated wife as compared to the rape of any other woman. The punishment of forced sexual intercourse with a separated wife ranges from two-seven years of imprisonment, however, in the latter case, minimum punishment is seven years which can extend up to imprisonment for life or even death penalty. Way to go logic!

6) Mother comes second to father in case of guardianship of a minor child

According to the Minority and Guardianship Act, a father is considered to be the natural guardian of a minor child and only after the father’s death, does the mother become entitled to act as the natural guardian.

7) Bigamy is allowed in Goa

According to a law in Goa, a ‘Gentile Hindu’ man is allowed to remarry if his first wife does not have a child before the age of 25 or a ‘male child’ before the age of 30.

8) Child Marriage is not yet illegal

Although India has enacted the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, the Act only prohibits child marriage and does not make it illegal. Thus, the marriage of a person who is below 18 years of age is not illegal, it may be declared void by the wife until she turns 20 and by the man until he turns 23.

9) No equality even in the minimum age of marriage

The minimum age for marriage for a boy is 21, but 18 for a girl. However, there is no clear reason behind the same. If we talk about equality, then equality should be there in all the aspects of life.

8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

But before they do so, they gotta crawl back into their minds and control their imagination from running wild. Mostly, men think about a few specific things such as $ex, Food, Games/Sports, Sleep and repeat. And except for the gaming/sporting part, they have this bad tendency to think, even during $ex. The list goes along with the activity timeline too, slightly.

8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

Since the beginning, this is the primary concern. And when the engines start to rev-up, within minutes it turns nightmarish.

1) With all the other fluids, men crave for water too

With dehydration, follows thirst, especially during the marathonian event where you need tremendous amounts of energy (or so it seems). Yet, nothing can be done about it, alas.

2) That certainly wasn’t there before, was it?

This comes in two ways; as a surprise (of discovery), as a suspicion. Earlier in the relationship, we tend to discover new landmarks and details which take over the thought process. Later in the relationship, mostly some such discoveries lead to suspicion of cheating.

3) Football, baseball, sports, any and every

Often during the long run, mainly the ‘bringing up the mood part’, our mind tends to entertain us with thoughts of sports and (non-sexual) stuff we like. Many have also reported having strayed off in deep sciences and philosophies.

4) Check your hard-ware

With straying thoughts, the mean-lean-machine is bound to get malfunctioning or so it might happen, aim wrong. The sudden realization of it is the worst of thoughts, as it can take everything down south.

5) How do I look, am I even in shape?

Worries, insecurities are not just a female thing, instead, guys have them too and that, right during the action. For all the other time, we are the coolest dude.

6) She just finished, no she’s about to, I guess so

No words to explain this.

7) Oh shit! I just did, shit shit shit!

8) And no way am gonna explain this too!

10 Absolute Signs That She Is Flirting With You!

Is she just being nice to you or actually flirting with you?

Can’t get to a conclusion? We have compiled some signs that might help you to clear out all the confusion. We hope we are helping!

1) If the girl initiates a conversation that really means a lot

Typically, women rarely do this, but if she has done it then this is a good sign and she might be interested in knowing more about you.

2) Does she keep on staring at you?

She might be shy at coming up to you and chatting with you but, if you have seen her glancing at you many times, then you should definitely go and talk to her.

3) She enjoys sharing jokes with you and even laughs at your stupid jokes

Does she constantly jokes around and teases you? If yes, then we think that she might be crushing on you!

4) Is she always smiling when you look at her?

There goes the first clear signal. If she smiles at you with her sparkly eyes, then that’s an indication that she might be interested in you.

5) She might get little touchy

Although this might be a friendly gesture, frequent light touches on your wrist and forearm while she is talking might be a big signal.

6) Look at the way she talks

Lots of hmms or umms.. might indicate that she is a bit nervous around you and nervousness is almost always when you are around your crush.

7) Does she play a lot with her hair when she is around you?

Constant hair twirling or playing might just be an indicator of interest. At times, girls do this to attract attention.

8) Just notice if she is making odd excuses to be with you

She is actually trying to spend some more time with you.

9) She might even ask you things like- Do I look fat or ugly?

Girls often use these little tricks to get some compliments.

10) She will try to know more about your interests

She clearly wants to interact more with you and is looking for something more than friendship.

10 Sure-Shot Signs That Tell She Is The Right One For You To Marry

Is she perfect? Will she support me no matter what? Will she be able to adjust with me? Or Is she the one whom I should get married? Perhaps like these, a number of questions might be eating up your head while choosing the right woman for yourself.

Obviously, finding Miss Right for marriage is not at all rocket science (considering women as complicated human beings). It’s just that you need the right vision to check out the amazing qualities that a woman may possess and the factors which can make you consider her seriously for a real future together.

Well, you might have an endless list of the traits your perfect wife should carry like- she should be hot but not sleazy, talented but not nerdy and so on and on… but there are some essential traits or deciding factors that will guide you in understanding who would be the right woman for marriage.

This list will solve your ‘Life Partner Puzzle’!

P.S: Boys, you definitely need to give this list a look.

1) Understanding

A great relationship is all about respect and understanding. If she understands you better and tries avoiding misunderstanding between you both, then she can be the one for you.

Moreover, when you finally meet the right girl, you’ll observe that she understands and knows you better than you even know yourself.

2) Efforts and happiness

I believe that a relationship is more about giving than taking. And seeing your partner happy in a relationship must make you feel just as happy. Happiness can come in any form even in the form of care.

Well, keeping all the feelings aside, if a woman puts in more effort to make and see you happy then she will surely be the one who will love you for an entire life. Also, if you guys continue to show the same excitement as it used to be at the beginning or are focused on each other’s happiness more than anything else then you two possibly make up the right pair.

3) Care, help, support and genuine

The greatest gift a woman can give to a man is her support. So, if she motivates you to be a better person and helps you to realize your dreams, marry her. Yes, a smart and genuine woman would always want you to be a better version of yourself. This factor is one of dire importance in marriage.

4) You see your life better with her than without her

Simple and straight-forward. If she adds up to your life and moreover, if you see that your life is better with her rather than being without her, then she is the right girl for you.

However, it’s you who needs to judge and differentiate between the one who influences your life positively and who is throwing a negative impact. Coz basically, in love, a man’s judgment ability gets soften, and the emotions and feelings tend to dominate more on him.

5) When you don’t feel the need to change yourself for her

In a true relationship, the partners do not try and change each other as they already accept the unique peculiarities ever since they start dating.

Guys, in your case, ‘Miss Right’ will accept the way you are. If she respects your consistency, the way you have been till now and the way you think to be forever, then perhaps, she is the one you need to get married to. Also, to be noted that you’ll always be comfortable in front of the right girl and she will always see you perfect no matter what it takes. As said, nobody is perfect in this world; only we need those eyes to see perfection even in every imperfection.

6) Trust

No relationship can thrive without trust. A strong, lasting relationship can only build when trust is its foundation element. Coz if someone breaks trust, it hurts and the scars that a heartbreak carries might long last than ever. So, it is very important to trust your partner and win the trust of your significant other, especially when the two individuals are deciding on to get married.

Besides, marriage is a long-term commitment, and the ability to retain that trust forever is the only key to a successful marriage.

So, if you have found a woman who cannot even imagine breaking your trust and with whom you could share each and everything, then you may have found the right girl for marriage.

7) You never get bored or sick of being with her

Looks are fleeting, but personality is forever… It’s truly said that looks gonna fade when you are going to get older but the personality that attracts you today will tend to attract you even after 10, 20 or 30 years of togetherness.

Maybe you don’t find her damn fashionable, but if her persona, ambitions and insightful conversations are keeping you all around her, then she is definitely the one with whom you should get married. And I am sure she will always be the first one to maintain the spark between you two even after the marriage. So, do not waste too much time!

8) Similar hobbies, values, and interests.

Shared views, hobbies, interests, and likes are a few factors that help a person to relate himself more easily with the significant other.

So, if you and your girl like the same TV series, books, places, that’s just superb because life living with the one who has a similar lifestyle and way of operating is a big thing. Though you guys might even carry different interests or possess varied hobbies if life’s core values are similar then you gonna make a great married couple.

It’s a clear concept, people who choose similar paths for life tend to remain together for a longer time in the future.

9) If she is family-oriented…

A woman who respects and values her and your family is the one who will always want to have a family of her own. See, it is quite obvious that the one whom you are dating and any of your family members might carry clashing personalities or characteristics as it is not at all mandatory to meet such people in life who share similar traits like us (considering the uniqueness in all of us) but how easily you forget those clashes or resolve back is what matters the most.

However, if you find no change in the ‘on-going clashes’, you should start taking it as a signal that she is not the one you should get married to. Coz this very thing might trouble you damn hard in the long term.

Well, on the other hand, if your girl likes your family and ‘guys gang’ and easily get along with your loved ones then she is the right girl for you to settle down.

To be honest, her love for family will show the love to build a family with you!

10) Physical chemistry

Intimacy is very important in a relationship. Be it wild sex, drunk sex, morning sex or lazy sex, if it always turns out to be the best when you are with the person you are meant to be and you always wish to be, then you should actually consider her as your partner for marriage. As a certain level of physical chemistry is a must in a relationship, it will keep you and your girl happy even after so many years of marriage.

Well, guys, after going through all the mentioned points, you must have probably got which traits to look for while marrying and what are those qualities that will indicate you that the girl you have chosen is the right one to tie the knots.

15 Tips To Regain The Lost Charm And Passion In Your Relationship

This world is full of love, lovers and relationships. You and me, we all have tasted it at least once and who doesn’t like its feel?.

His hair is your best toy, his lap is your most comforting pillow, the forehead kisses he gives you when you fight for no reason, late-night talks, tight hugs, passionate love bites are a few things that occur in most relationships.

Love has the power to set everything right. All we wish for is a fierce, passionate, loving and long-lasting relationship.

But, alas! wishes are not always granted. Sooner or later, we end up feeling that our relationship has lost fire and passion.

If you are feeling let down, then be calm and give some space to each other. Distance is sometimes a good healer. Being fast and furious doesn’t always work.

We bring you tips that can revive your relationship.

Have a look.

1) Don’t misunderstand love as your life

Love is just a part of your life, which makes your life beautiful but don’t confuse it with the sole meaning of life. When you do that, you start expecting everything from this single relationship, which is unfair. Your life is a fabric made up of different threads of a different color, where love is the brightest colored thread. But if you’ll try to yarn it from this single thread, the fabric will look dull.

2) Live your life to the fullest

Learn to enjoy your own company. When you learn to be happy with yourself, you don’t put burden of expectations and frustration on your relationship and on your better half. It gives both of you the personal space you require.

3) Love is friendship…

You both will never miss the fire in your relationship if you’ll become best friends. Being friends makes your relationship adventurous and the spark shall never fade away.

4) Don’t stick to your partner 24 X 7

We all long to spend our days and nights with our lovers. But the fact is that in the long run it fills us with boredom. So enjoy each other’s company but also try to enjoy it when he/she is not around you.

5) Distance is a must

Meeting after long/short gaps revitalizes the charm between you two. You’ll now want to fall in his/her arms, feel the warmth because you felt its absence for so long.

6) Don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the society

Being into each other is a good thing but remember that you are a social being and you should not stop socializing with others because of your relationship.

7) Try the stuff you both love to do…

This will fill your life with excitement and thrill.

8) Enjoy friend’s company

Instead of only being with your partner, hang out with their friends and make your friends love them. Friends are the source of happiness, be close to them.

9) Keep sharing

Sharing is the best thing to do when your relationship is going through ups and downs. You can only keep yourself cool and calm by sharing, which ultimately results in a healthy relationship.

10) Appreciate little efforts…

Always praise your lover for the little efforts he makes to keep your smile intact. Your words of appreciation can fill your partner with positivity and happiness.

11) Keep the fire alive!

When you really want that fire between you two, spend some time in privacy. All flames of love and lust will reignite because you belong to each other.

12) Don’t regret, just love

Don’t regret your past deeds. Lamenting past stories can trouble your present. Forgive each other and learn from your mistakes. No matter how intense the mistake was, just forgive your partner and look forward to a glittering future.

13) Be supportive

Always hold their hands at odd times. It doesn’t matter whether you are far or near, you should always support them mentally. Be his/her mental strength.

14) Respect your love

Respect is one of the pillars on which your relationship is built. Respect your partner as an individual. Respect the efforts he/she is making for you. If one can’t respect their loved ones, then their love can’t sustain for long.

15) Try being optimistic…

No matter what your relationship is going through, always be positive. Focus on how to overcome a difficult situation rather than cribbing about the problem. Keep in mind that you are made for each other.

Is It Love Or Just Affection? Here Are The Ways To Find Out What Your Heart Says

We all somewhere have that dream world where we see our fairy tale love story finding wings. Not to deny, there is much difference between a real-life story and an imaginary one. The basic theory of falling in love starts with attraction where we tend to get attracted to someone who makes us feel good, comfortable and reminds us of the people that we enjoy being around. So basically, it is all about feeling good and positive around that person which can not be properly described in words.

Love and affection are two aspects of a relationship that are slightly different from each other. We mostly misunderstand affection with love and vice versa. If we decide to spend our entire life with a person, we need to be very sure that the base of a relationship should be love, not just the affection.

Here are some ways to find out if you are really in love:

1) You Observe A Change In Yourself

True love brings some changes in your behavior and personality. You observe that you tend to ignore things that used to irritate you or call on your anger earlier. You start to behave in such a manner that pleases your partner without you having put any effort because it comes naturally. You are now more careful with your words so that your partner does not get any reason to stay away from you.

2) You Don’t Require To Be In Comfort Zone

“Comfort zone” is all that everyone wants to be in. We all want to see things taking shape according to our comfort and choice. The biggest change that you feel about yourself after falling for someone is that you don’t really care about your comfort zone anymore. You do things for your love going out of your way. All you want is to make him happy with your efforts.

3) Favorite Past Time, Talking To Him

Now that you have already gone through all the stages of realizations, there are some more steps to make sure that you are actually in love. So here we talk about talking to the person you love. Talking to him gradually becomes your hobby and favorite past time. Whenever you get time, all you want to do is talking to him, or even when you are busy, there is this love-channel running in your mind all the time. Now all you want is to finish all your work early so that you don’t have to weight much to talk to him.

4) Talking About Him, When Not Talking To Him

This is quite exciting for you but might be annoying for others who get to listen to all your love story. This happens when your heart is flooded with love for him and you don’t get to express it to him. Also, you want people to know how good and special is the person you love. So, when you are not talking to him and you miss him, you start to talk about him to other people in your life.

5) Compromises Are No More A Big Deal

In love, there are a number of things that you have to do, not forcefully but just to make sure that things are going smooth between the two of you. This is the stage of compromise, but compromises in love give you happiness because you are doing it for the person you love. So, this is not a big deal for you anymore.

6) You Relate Everything With Him

Whatever you do and whatever you have, you relate everything with him.

7) Involving Him In All Future Plannings

When you plan for any future activity or do any financial or any sort of planning, it all involves him. Even when you imagine your future, you always find him by your side and this is how you realize how important that person has become for you.

8) Ready To Give Up Anything For Him

We all have certain habits which others might not like, we all have some hobbies which are not easy to be obtained, wishes that are hard to be fulfilled but, we are so possessive of them that we never think of giving upon them. But when love requires, we never give a second thought to sacrifice anything for it.

9) His Smile Is All That Works For You

You might have had a bad day, you might be going through emotional trauma or you might be suffering any mental stress, but his smile really works like a magic for you.

10) He Stays In All Your Imaginations

Gradually when we were growing, we used to imagine things we wanted in our lives. According to the stages of life, now is the time when you have only him in all your imaginations. You probably start daydreaming about him and about how could be a life with him even when you are awake, lost in your imaginations.

11) You Do Not Get Easily Angry Anymore

This involves changes in your attitude and behavior. When we love someone, our heart gets filled with love and we get to see the beauty in everything. Now, things that used to call your anger do not bother you anymore. All you are concerned about is your partner and what does he think and feel about you.

12) Love Is All You Need

Now your life starts to rotate around him. All you care about is love, how much you are giving and how much you are receiving back from him. You try many ways to please him and make him feel how important he is to you and what value has he added to your life. In case you could relate to the story, share it with your special someone.

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