websites where you can find couple friendly hotels

10 Best Websites Where You Can Find Couple Friendly Hotels

Are you looking for the best websites where you can find couple friendly hotels? Want to book hotel to spend time with your partner? Welcome on board!

We have a complete list of the top 10 best websites where you can find couple friendly hotels. Just remember to see the rules and regulations of each hotel before you book it and make sure when you visit there you have all the necessary documents with you required at the time of check-in.

10 websites where you can find couple friendly hotels

Excited to know which are the hotels? There are many hotels available on these websites and the cost varies from hotel to hotel. Go through all of these websites and decide with your partner that in which hotel you are willing to hang out and where do you want to enjoy your quality time.

Below listed are some of the fantastic websites where you can check different couple-friendly hotels.

1) StayUncle:

StayUncle is a Delhi based StartUp, which has collaboration with many hotels around the country. It is also known for its hassle-free stay facility for unmarried couples. StayUncle has expanded its facilities in 40 cities of the country. This website provides the feature of half-day slots booking. Moreover, it is famous because of their tagline, which is, “Couples need a room, not a judgment.” So, this website can be a good choice for couples.

2) OYO

OYO is famous around India. It doesn’ require any introduction. OYO has added the feature of unmarried couples to book an OYO. To book a room through the OYO website, you just have to select the option of “OYO Welcomes Couples” in the filters while you are looking for a hotel. Added to that, you can also activate the “Relationship mode” on the OYO application. OYO claims to have a couple of friendly hotels in 100+ cities across India.

3) LuvStay

This website helps you to rent or book rooms with safety and security for married/unmarried couples for a shorter time. It is also available with flexible time slots by allowing room booking either for 24-hours or 12-hours in a day or night slots. Apart from that, it also offers a special facility for couples like delivering cakes, chocolates, gifts, and many more. It accepts local IDs too.

4) Mi stay

Mi Stay is available in approximately 40 cities and has developed a very well network of couple-friendly hotels. It also offers flexible time slots to couples such as 8-11 am, 12-7 pm, and 8 pm to 7 am. It also serves business travelers if they want to stay. This is established by IIT-Madras alumni Pranav and Sandeep in the year of 2016.

5) BreviStay

This website offers flexibility to filter the hotels which welcome unmarried couples by seeing the couple stickers on the list of hotels. It also allows couples to check-in hourly packages of 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours. Moreover, this website provides facilities across 11 cities in India. Those who want to stay for a short time, this is the best option for them.

6) Bloom Hotels

Blossom and spend a happy time with your loved ones by getting your room saved from this website. Blossom rooms get you with a too spotless zone, cloud-comfortable bed, delicious breakfast, and downpour shower in the washroom that can make unending sentimental minutes among you. Experience extravagance remains with your partner with safety and security.

7) Fab Hotels

Fab hotels get you with astonishing staying with your partner within your comfort zone. Spend zesty, extravagant, and twisting time with your partner by getting your room booked from here. The rooms are loaded with a present-day extra modern courtesy and are planned in an extensive, jazzy, and contemporary way. You just have to book a room with valid IDs and get all facilities with more safety and security without any hesitation. It provides its services around India with its large network.


This is a well-known and popular website among couples. It provides hassle-free booking services with the safety of customers. It follows safety measures such as trained and well-mannered staff, sanitized rooms, sterilizes indoors, and also follows the WHO guidelines. Also, you can get the best deals and coupon codes on the booking of couple-friendly hotels. This website contains a higher customer rating compare to other websites.


Through this website, you can book a room for micro stay such as 2,3 or 4 hours. You can book a room as per your stay convenience. This website provides a micro stay facility especially for unmarried couples with safety. Couples should keep valid government ID with them at the time of check-in. The couple can book hotel rooms within their budget and it is 100% safe and couple friendly.

10) Mod Stay

This website offers the list of hotels that welcome frequent flyers and unmarried couples in India. You can book a room based on an hourly rate or day rate. Added to that, the couple can book the room for a micro stay as well as a long stay. They have multiple packages of charges considering hourly rate withing budget with safety and security.


So, book your hotel and spend quality time with your partner. We always stay busy in our corporate world and therefore, did not get enough time to have a chit-chat with our partner. A short trip to any place gives us an opportunity to have a conservation with your partner and there remains no-one who can come in between. It is just the two of you.

Book your favorite hotel today and have a great time! Don’t forget to stay tuned with us to know information about more such interesting things that you can do with your mate. Presently, we all are fighting with COVID-19 and it is not safe to travel. So, if possible, avoid going on trips and stay at home.

We will be back soon with more information, till then enjoy life.

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