Do You Have Your Life Sorted In Your 20? If Not, You Should Read This

he human mind is a weird place to be in. Just when you’re on the verge of completing your teens, the mind says, “Oh you’re entering your 20s, you still got time to figure life out.” And then you begin preparing yourself for the upcoming challenges. Because life didn’t warn you about the obstacles that you’re about to face and so you’re stuck with a lot of “what the fuck just happened?”

But then, you start living each year as it comes and you’re yet in the comfort zone and keep procrastinating your life decisions a year after the other. But for once if you think deeper than your otherwise baseless overthinking skills, you’ll learn that twenties are actually the most important years of your entire life.

You got to live and not just survive.

Once you enter your twenties, life goes by and time flies, quite literally. While you daydream about how you spent your 20th birthday, you suddenly realize, “Holy shit, I’m 26!” And then reality strikes a little harder than ever and you contemplate the next ten years of your life and where you’d be from where you are today. Because clearly, nobody would choose to just survive on the little money that they started making in their first jobs but would want to live to their fullest instead.

Because life’s most defining moments happens by the age of 35.

How much ever you ignore the fact, but eighty percent of your life’s defining moments take place before you even hit 35. You’re in your mid-twenties and life is still sweet to you. You’ve probably moved out and have been living alone, making a life of your own, slogging your ass off for your dream job and end your days either partying or working overtime. You’re not bothered about what your next year is going to be like and hitting the 30s is not even going to be thought because “Come on! I don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner tonight, why would I even think of my thirties right now?”

It’s time to figure your life out.

So before life gives you lemons, get yourself together right in your twenties and plan well for your thirties. Make the most of the time you get. Take up courses, pick a new hobby, an intern at more than two places, work for different professions and only then decide what would you want to pick as your career, travel the world. Because why not?

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