Hindu Auspicious Wedding Dates

Hindu Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2020 Shaadi Ki Taarikh Pakki Kar Lo!

Weddings are an auspicious occasion where two individuals as well as family unite. Indian weddings involved many rituals such as choosing an auspicious wedding date. It is believed that getting married on auspicious dates is said to bring divine blessings. There are wedding dates coming up throughout the year that you can look into. Pundits are contacted to set a wedding date. Marriage is about bonding and understanding each other, being supportive of each other lifelong.

Best Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2020

Hindu Auspicious Wedding Dates

Weddings are a way to declare your love to the world. Love is about understanding each other at a soul level. Love or arranged marriage, Indian weddings are about beautiful traditions, ceremonies, and divinity. Kundali matching is essential in Indian marriages before the wedding date is set. Getting married could give you butterflies in your stomach and make you nervous. Everybody faces wedding jitters.

The best feeling your heart feels is when you are with the person you love. Life becomes meaningful and purposeful when you find someone you can love forever. A time where your parents are happy that you are settling down and starting a new life. It is a wonderful time for everyone. You can show someone how much you love them by getting married and letting them know you want them forever.

Indian weddings are about preparations and rituals. There are many rituals carried out each day of the wedding with furore. Most of the Hindu weddings last for 2-3 days following all the rituals and ceremonies. Every ceremony is unique and filled with happiness and joy. Singing, dancing, and many other rituals are planned with details and utmost care. The mandap, the place where the bride and the groom are seated to complete the wedding rituals, is decorated beautifully with flowers and other embellishments.

Wedding Dates in 2020

The center of the mandap is lit with auspicious fire which is considered holy according to the Hindu rituals. Prayers are offered, the bride and groom are made to seek divine blessings. The rituals include garlands, mangalsutra, and many other Vedic rituals that bind the bride and groom in an auspicious wedding knot. The wedding culminates with the groom adorning the bride with the sacred mangalsutra. These are the auspicious wedding dates for the year 2020.

Auspicious Wedding Dates in  January 2020

Date Time
15th January 7:19 to 31:13
16th January 20:32 to 26:31+
17th January 25:12+ to 31:18+
18th January 7:18 to 12:26
20th January 7:59 to 23:30
29th January 12:13 to 31:14+
30th January 7:14 to 31:14+
31st January 7:14 to 11:25

Auspicious Wedding Dates in February 2020

Date Time
03 February 24:52+ to 30:31+
09 February 25:03+ to 31:07+
10th February 07:07 to 11:32
11th February 26:52+ to 31:06+
12th February 7:26 to 23:37
16th February 7:03 to 11:49
18th February 14:32 to 30:42+
25th February 19:10 to 30:53+
26th February 6:53 to 30:52+
27th February 6:52 to 17:57

Best Wedding Dates in  March 2020

Date Time
02nd March 25:26+ to 30:37+
03rd March 06:47 to 30:46+
04th March 6:43 to 11:23
08th March 12:11 to 27:03+
11th March 08:12 to 18:59
12th March 16:15 to 24:04+

Auspicious Wedding Dates in  April 2020

Date Time
14th April 19:41 to 29:59+
15th April 5:59 to 21:04
25th April 20:57 to 29:48+
26th April 5:48 to 23:55

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Auspicious Wedding Dates in  May 2020

Date Time
02nd May 06:43 to 23:40
04th May 08:36 to 29:40+
05th May 5:40 to 16:36
06th May 13:51 to 19:44
08th May 8:38 to 28:56
10th May 08:30 to 28:13
12th May 05:36 to 28:54+
17th May 13:58 to 29:32+
18th May 05:32 to 29:32+
19th May 05:32 to 13:09
23rd May 11:45 to 29:29+
24th May 05:29 to 29:29+

Auspicious Wedding Dates in  June 2020

Date Time
09th June 05:26 to 11:27
13th June 21:27 to 29:27+
14th June 05:27 to 29:27+
15th June 05:27 to 16:29
25th June 18:11 to 29:29+
26th June 05:29 to 11:25
28th June 13:44 to 20:13

Wedding Dates in  November 2020

Date Time
25th November 06:56 to 15:54
30th November 07:00 to 31:00+

Best Wedding Dates in December 2020

Date Time
01st December 07:00 to 31:01+
07th December 07:19 to 14:32
08th December 13:37 to 31:06+
09th December 07:06 to 26:06
11th December 08:48 to 15:51


A wedding is the most important occasion in a person’s life. It is togetherness and two people coming together, with a promise of sharing their lives and living in harmony. Celebrate your special day choosing from these auspicious dates. Love and togetherness make life purposeful. Celebrate your wedding with great joy and furore choosing auspicious date and time from these dates.

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