Northern Lights Honeymoon in Iceland

Honeymoon in Iceland – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

Are you searching for Honeymoon in Iceland? Well, When it comes to honeymoon, we think to make it the most romantic one and most special ones but the hurdle is to decide where to go! There are many unique honeymoon destinations such as Bali, Mauritius, Switzerland and more. One place that people do not think about much is Iceland.

Honeymoon in Iceland – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Iceland

Now, you might be wondering what’s there to make the honeymoon romantic? Is there anything in Iceland that can make the honeymoon a romantic one? Then the answer is Yes and we have a list of most romantic things to do when you go on honeymoon in Iceland.

1) Kissing under the northern lights sky:

Northern Lights Honeymoon in Iceland

Romance doesn’t mean to go on a candlelight dinner. Romance can be done under nature’s lap too and believe me that beauty is beyond your imagination! Just imagine tenting under the sky that is covered with northern lights? This can be seen only in Iceland. There are many packages that offer tours of 4-5 hours and they also take the responsibility of dropping you at your place.

But these lights don’t appear every day. The guides or localities are the ones who can tell you the best time to visit Iceland so it will be good if you do proper research to make sure that your honeymoon is not spoiled.

Watch the northern lights, kiss your partner, express your feelings and make your honeymoon the most romantic one!

2) The Blue Lagoon:

Blue Lagoon things to do in Iceland

How about enjoying some cozy time in a hot water pool and just talking about life for some time? Getting desperate to see your soon-to-be life partner? Iceland is indeed a place that pokes our hearts and attracts us towards it.

The Blue Lagoon is a place that was built by an accident in the year 1976 according to the localities living there and it is said that when people visit Iceland for honeymoon, their first stop is none other than this blue lagoon.

Once you step inside the pool, you forget all your sorrows, all you want is to have a calm chit-chat with your partner and enjoy the silence around!

3) The Ice Cave Tour:

ice cave honeymoon in iceland

You might have seen snowfall or lots of ice in your life but have you ever seen an Ice Cave? Yes, in Iceland, there is a cave full of ice and it’s actually scary too. People from lots of countries visit Iceland in winters just to explore these Ice Cave and the good thing is the winter season is the best time to celebrate the romance, right? So, book your tickets to Iceland and it is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Iceland, walking in an Ice Cave holding hand of your spouse.

4) Riding a horse:

Riding a horse iceland

If you are one of those couples who believe in living a thrilling life having a topping of romance at the top, then you must try horse riding. Wait for a second, are you thinking that riding a horse on road is a normal thing? Then, buddies, you have to check out this thing to do in Iceland, as this is entirely different. This horse riding is done at the black beaches of Icelandic moors which can’t be found in any other country.

5) National Museum of Iceland:

National Museum of Iceland

Whenever you visit a new place, it’s important to know its history. Yes, you might be thinking that how can it be a romantic thing to do in Iceland. Well, it is! Talking or discussing about a new place says about your likings and views to your partner and you get to know each other more deeply. So, yes, you can have a walk around the National Museum of Iceland to know about the past.

6) Dettifoss Waterfall:

Dettifoss Waterfall iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall is considered as one of the biggest and powerful waterfalls across Europe. The waterfall is 44m tall and 328 feet deep which makes it beautiful. Having a cup of hot coffee at the side of this waterfall is surely a romantic thing.

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7) Walking at Black Sand Beach:

Black Sand Beach Iceland

Well walking at the beach with your partner is always special! But to do something new, you can visit Iceland to explore the black sand beaches that you won’t find anywhere else.

8) Do not miss Reykjavik:

Reykjavik iceland

Iceland is an expensive country, so if you are planning to visit Iceland for your honeymoon make sure you have a list of must-visit places in Iceland. If you are spending money then cover all those places that are perfect for enjoying a romantic honeymoon.

Reykjavik is considered is the most beautiful city in Iceland, there are cafes, bars, beaches, and all these things are enough to make your honeymoon romantic, aren’t they?

9) Iceland’s Ring Road:

Iceland’s Ring Road
Image: Peter Duchek

A car on rent, map in hand and holidays in the bag! You are all set with your loved one to explore Iceland’s ring road. Approximately 1300 km long, the ring road of Iceland covers the entire country in a circular shape. What can be better than going on a long drive with your mate, just you two? While going, you will cross mountains, beaches, amazing roads and many more things that you will remember the rest of your life.

10) Checkout a volcano:

volcano iceland

Now you will say, “I don’t need to see any volcano, my partner is enough” ha-ha, that’s sweet, but if you are visiting Iceland, don’t forget to visit volcanos. But do take care of the weather also. Take some guardian with you who can guide you about whether it is safe to go near a volcano or not.

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Wrapup on Honeymoon in Iceland

We hope you will do these romantic things to do during honeymoon in Iceland. We congratulate you on your wedding. Hope your life will be full of happiness and success. Keep reading and keep inhaling knowledge about new and interesting topics with us! You read, we share!

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