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Honeymoon in London: 10 Most Romantic Things to do in London

Hello friends! Just got married and going to London for your honeymoon? If you have not made your list of what you must do with your partner then you can find them below. These suggestions are really romantic and amazing and I am sure that if you will implement these ideas, your honeymoon will be a rocking one. So, without wasting another second, let’s see what you can do in London and what you can explore with your partner in London.

Honeymoon in London: 10 Most Romantic Things to do in London

honeymoon in london

1) Candle Light Concerts

A nice candlelight dinner where the ambiance is covered with dim lights and slow music is going on. Such a romantic environment, right? If you plan to celebrate your honeymoon in London, then make sure you do not skip the candlelight concerts that happen at various restaurants. However, candlelight dinners are always romantic and mesmerizing music adds spice to the romance. So, yes do not miss the chance to have a candlelight dinner with your mate.

2) Dinner at Sky Garden

Sky Garden is one of the most visited attractions in London. If you want to see the city from the top of London then visiting sky garden and occupying the corner seat is a must. It is the rooftop restaurant which is covered by greenery and after London’s eye, it is the place where you can get the best view of the city especially the night view. After hanging out for the full day, you can end up you’re that day’s romance by having dinner at Sky Garden. This is one of the 10 most romantic things to do in London and you must do it.

3) Tower of London

Located at the bank of Thames River, the Tower of London is the heart of the city. It is a years-old castle and it was built in the year 1078, now you can imagine how old it is. You might be wondering how you can celebrate your honeymoon in London by walking beside the Tower of London right? You can, as the tower is located at the bank of the river, you can take a boat ride and enjoy the river’s view and also you can listen to the old stories that are connected with the Tower of London.

4) Hyde Park

A morning jog at a park is beautiful while you are on your honeymoon, isn’t it? If yes for you, then you can go on a walk or jog at Hyde Park in the early morning or you can just go and roam around in the park have some snacks and talk about your relationship by sitting at a bench. These are the little things that you can do on your honeymoon. It does not only mean to go and enjoy at expensive places, sometimes these small things make your trip special. So, what are you thinking about, celebrate your honeymoon in London at Hyde Park Also, you can take a horse ride there but remember that the timings of the park are morning 05:00 A.M to 12:00 A.M in the midnight so make your schedule keeping your other plans in mind?

5) London Eye

London’s eyes! London city is known for its chocolates, wines, its eve and many more thing but one thing which attracts millions of tourists is the London Eye. To spend a romantic evening, you can hop into the London Eye which is basically a merry-go-round which takes approx. 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete one circle. You can take your personal corner in it, view the city and enjoy your romantic conversation which makes your moments more memorable and special.

6) Little Venice

No one can refrain from spending quality time at the little Venice which is located in the northwest area of London and couples love to visit there because this place is very quiet and full of greenery. This place also has colorful boathouses that make this place more attractive and cooler.

7) Big Ben View

To end your day, you can go for a walk at the big ben because the view from there in the evening is mesmerizing and it is the one you might have never seen before. Before going there make sure you have enough time because going there for merely 30-40 minutes is meaningless. At least spend 3 to 4 hours there with your partner to enjoy your honeymoon.

8) Cruise Ride

If you will ask any couple that is there anything more romantic thing to do in London apart from going on a cruise ride then you will receive an answer as “NO” because there is actually nothing more romantic than enjoying some quality time on the cruise with your loved ones.

9) Couple Spa

The couple spa is one of the most romantic things a couple must go for when they are on their honeymoon whether it is in London or any other place because a nice spa having couple package makes you feel relaxed, you both can see each other while getting the massage and feel happy.

10) Games

Winning or losing at you should try your luck and enjoy it with your partner. Go to bet and play, enjoy different games, try your luck and laugh together.

We wish you a happy married life! Enjoy your honeymoon in London to the fullest. Live, laugh and love!

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