Honeymoon in Paris – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Paris, a dream destination for lovers! Honeymoon is a moment that comes once in entire life and couples wait for this day for years. Making honeymoon special is easy but to make it perfect, you can choose a destination you both dreamt to visit once in your life, for example Honeymoon in Paris is everyone’s dream.

So, if you are planning your honeymoon in Paris, you need to start thinking that what are the romantic things to do in Paris, well there are many though but listed below are most romantic things that you must do when you go to Paris with your partner.

Honeymoon in Paris – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Honeymoon in Paris

So, let’s begin and checkout what you can do to make your honeymoon romantic.

1) Viewing Paris from peak of Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower, the heart of Paris. Imagine yourself with your partner at the top of the tower drinking wine at the restaurant, having some delicious food and talking about your relationship! Damn romantic, isn’t it? Honeymoon in Paris is equal to living a dream of many. Pack your bags and book your tickets to Paris and make your honeymoon a brilliant one.

2) Sunset view from cruise:

A nice ride on cruise in the evening when sun says good bye for the day. This is the best time when you can convert your happening day into a more happening and romantic one. Travel on cruise, have a wine glass in your hand, do not talk, hold hands and enjoy the sunset view. Silence is the best conversation a couple can have to feel the love and bond they share. Riding on a cruise is always fun! You get to see views that are beyond your imagination.

3) Hot chocolate date:

Who doesn’t love a chocolate that melts instantly in mouth? Well don’t know about guys but yes girls enjoy it! So, if you are celebrating your honeymoon do not miss a nice hot chocolate date at a Parisian restaurant. Having good food is also a part of romancing for some couples. So, if you are one of them, find a restaurant with romantic ambience, and order a plate of hot chocolate with brownies or ice creams and enjoy the taste of sweetness with your partner.

4) Parisian dinner:

Your honeymoon will be a waste if you do not explore the Parisian dinner. Parisian dinner includes bloody marry, lemon tart, steak fries, macaron, fig gelato and more. These are some of those dishes that you must explore if you visit Paris. If you both are a foodie then you must have a candle light dinner where all famous Parisian food is served.

5) A romantic balloon ride:

View from hot air balloon is unimaginable. You can feel the beauty of nature from a certain height and when you are on your honeymoon you will surely love it more. A romantic balloon ride might be a bit costly for you so start saving from now but do not miss this thing if you are going to enjoy your honeymoon in Paris. You won’t regret your decision of investing money on a balloon ride, it is that mesmerizing.

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6) Walking at Pont Neuf:

Walking at Pont Neuf in Paris should not be missed. If you are celebrating your honeymoon in Paris, you have to go on a romantic long walk at Pont Neuf. This place is iconic for couples and whenever couples’ visits to Paris they make sure that this place is not missed by them. Not only couples but anyone can visit here to enjoy the nature’s beauty and for relaxation.

7) Louvre Palace:

Louvre Palace is the place that can be explored after sunset. Its beauty is so attractive that it can even make you feel happy even if you are in a bad mood. Sometimes it happens that we plan millions of things for our honeymoon but all cannot be done as expected so we get upset but this view will surely allow your soul to forget all your sorrows and make you fall in love with your partner. Honeymoon in Paris? Do visit the Louvre Palace and share the experience with your buddies.

8) Kissing at Love Lock Bridge:

Love Lock Bridge, seems like this bridge is created for lovers only. Love Lock Bridge is indeed a beautiful place that can be visited by newly married couples and couples can spend hours with each other at this place by talking about each other, complimenting each other and sharing the romantic bond. If you visit this place, kiss your partner when the sun sets! This will be your most romantic day ever!

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9) A romantic boat tour:

A short boat ride is enough to make your partner happy. Book your private boat and take a ride on through the city Paris.

10) Car trip to Versailles:

Car trip are always great! Versailles is a place located near Paris. You can easily plan a one-day trip to Versailles. The place is covered with beautiful nature views and water and you can surely spend some quality time with your partner there.

Enjoy your stay in Paris. Do not make much plans, keep it simple and go with the flow. Enjoy each and every moment of your honeymoon because this day are not going to return in your life. Stay tune with us if you want to read about more places where you can go for your honeymoon if Paris is not in your list of destinations!

Do share this information with your friends who are just married or going to marry soon. This might become their reason to book their honeymoon tickets to Paris and they will bless you for suggesting them such a wonderful place.

We wish you a very happy married life. Hope god showers all the happiness, success and his blessings in your life and you stay happy forever.

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