Is It Love Or Just Affection? Here Are The Ways To Find Out What Your Heart Says

We all somewhere have that dream world where we see our fairy tale love story finding wings. Not to deny, there is much difference between a real-life story and an imaginary one. The basic theory of falling in love starts with attraction where we tend to get attracted to someone who makes us feel good, comfortable and reminds us of the people that we enjoy being around. So basically, it is all about feeling good and positive around that person which can not be properly described in words.

Love and affection are two aspects of a relationship that are slightly different from each other. We mostly misunderstand affection with love and vice versa. If we decide to spend our entire life with a person, we need to be very sure that the base of a relationship should be love, not just the affection.

Here are some ways to find out if you are really in love:

1) You Observe A Change In Yourself

True love brings some changes in your behavior and personality. You observe that you tend to ignore things that used to irritate you or call on your anger earlier. You start to behave in such a manner that pleases your partner without you having put any effort because it comes naturally. You are now more careful with your words so that your partner does not get any reason to stay away from you.

2) You Don’t Require To Be In Comfort Zone

“Comfort zone” is all that everyone wants to be in. We all want to see things taking shape according to our comfort and choice. The biggest change that you feel about yourself after falling for someone is that you don’t really care about your comfort zone anymore. You do things for your love going out of your way. All you want is to make him happy with your efforts.

3) Favorite Past Time, Talking To Him

Now that you have already gone through all the stages of realizations, there are some more steps to make sure that you are actually in love. So here we talk about talking to the person you love. Talking to him gradually becomes your hobby and favorite past time. Whenever you get time, all you want to do is talking to him, or even when you are busy, there is this love-channel running in your mind all the time. Now all you want is to finish all your work early so that you don’t have to weight much to talk to him.

4) Talking About Him, When Not Talking To Him

This is quite exciting for you but might be annoying for others who get to listen to all your love story. This happens when your heart is flooded with love for him and you don’t get to express it to him. Also, you want people to know how good and special is the person you love. So, when you are not talking to him and you miss him, you start to talk about him to other people in your life.

5) Compromises Are No More A Big Deal

In love, there are a number of things that you have to do, not forcefully but just to make sure that things are going smooth between the two of you. This is the stage of compromise, but compromises in love give you happiness because you are doing it for the person you love. So, this is not a big deal for you anymore.

6) You Relate Everything With Him

Whatever you do and whatever you have, you relate everything with him.

7) Involving Him In All Future Plannings

When you plan for any future activity or do any financial or any sort of planning, it all involves him. Even when you imagine your future, you always find him by your side and this is how you realize how important that person has become for you.

8) Ready To Give Up Anything For Him

We all have certain habits which others might not like, we all have some hobbies which are not easy to be obtained, wishes that are hard to be fulfilled but, we are so possessive of them that we never think of giving upon them. But when love requires, we never give a second thought to sacrifice anything for it.

9) His Smile Is All That Works For You

You might have had a bad day, you might be going through emotional trauma or you might be suffering any mental stress, but his smile really works like a magic for you.

10) He Stays In All Your Imaginations

Gradually when we were growing, we used to imagine things we wanted in our lives. According to the stages of life, now is the time when you have only him in all your imaginations. You probably start daydreaming about him and about how could be a life with him even when you are awake, lost in your imaginations.

11) You Do Not Get Easily Angry Anymore

This involves changes in your attitude and behavior. When we love someone, our heart gets filled with love and we get to see the beauty in everything. Now, things that used to call your anger do not bother you anymore. All you are concerned about is your partner and what does he think and feel about you.

12) Love Is All You Need

Now your life starts to rotate around him. All you care about is love, how much you are giving and how much you are receiving back from him. You try many ways to please him and make him feel how important he is to you and what value has he added to your life. In case you could relate to the story, share it with your special someone.

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