15 Tips To Regain The Lost Charm And Passion In Your Relationship

This world is full of love, lovers and relationships. You and me, we all have tasted it at least once and who doesn’t like its feel?.

His hair is your best toy, his lap is your most comforting pillow, the forehead kisses he gives you when you fight for no reason, late-night talks, tight hugs, passionate love bites are a few things that occur in most relationships.

Love has the power to set everything right. All we wish for is a fierce, passionate, loving and long-lasting relationship.

But, alas! wishes are not always granted. Sooner or later, we end up feeling that our relationship has lost fire and passion.

If you are feeling let down, then be calm and give some space to each other. Distance is sometimes a good healer. Being fast and furious doesn’t always work.

We bring you tips that can revive your relationship.

Have a look.

1) Don’t misunderstand love as your life

Love is just a part of your life, which makes your life beautiful but don’t confuse it with the sole meaning of life. When you do that, you start expecting everything from this single relationship, which is unfair. Your life is a fabric made up of different threads of a different color, where love is the brightest colored thread. But if you’ll try to yarn it from this single thread, the fabric will look dull.

2) Live your life to the fullest

Learn to enjoy your own company. When you learn to be happy with yourself, you don’t put burden of expectations and frustration on your relationship and on your better half. It gives both of you the personal space you require.

3) Love is friendship…

You both will never miss the fire in your relationship if you’ll become best friends. Being friends makes your relationship adventurous and the spark shall never fade away.

4) Don’t stick to your partner 24 X 7

We all long to spend our days and nights with our lovers. But the fact is that in the long run it fills us with boredom. So enjoy each other’s company but also try to enjoy it when he/she is not around you.

5) Distance is a must

Meeting after long/short gaps revitalizes the charm between you two. You’ll now want to fall in his/her arms, feel the warmth because you felt its absence for so long.

6) Don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the society

Being into each other is a good thing but remember that you are a social being and you should not stop socializing with others because of your relationship.

7) Try the stuff you both love to do…

This will fill your life with excitement and thrill.

8) Enjoy friend’s company

Instead of only being with your partner, hang out with their friends and make your friends love them. Friends are the source of happiness, be close to them.

9) Keep sharing

Sharing is the best thing to do when your relationship is going through ups and downs. You can only keep yourself cool and calm by sharing, which ultimately results in a healthy relationship.

10) AppreciateĀ little efforts…

Always praise your lover for the little efforts he makes to keep your smile intact. Your words of appreciation can fill your partner with positivity and happiness.

11) Keep the fire alive!

When you really want that fire between you two, spend some time in privacy. All flames of love and lust will reignite because you belong to each other.

12) Don’t regret, just love

Don’t regret your past deeds. Lamenting past stories can trouble your present. Forgive each other and learn from your mistakes. No matter how intense the mistake was, just forgive your partner and look forward to a glittering future.

13) Be supportive

Always hold their hands at odd times. It doesn’t matter whether you are far or near, you should always support them mentally. Be his/her mental strength.

14) Respect your love

Respect is one of the pillars on which your relationship is built. Respect your partner as an individual. Respect the efforts he/she is making for you. If one can’t respect their loved ones, then their love can’t sustain for long.

15) Try being optimistic…

No matter what your relationship is going through, always be positive. Focus on how to overcome a difficult situation rather than cribbing about the problem. Keep in mind that you are made for each other.

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