Wedding Dates in 2021

Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021 | Shaadi Ki Taarikh Pakki Kar Lo!

Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021: Spending your life with someone is the most important decision in your life. When your relation culminates in marriage, this is the best moment in your life as your journey of togetherness starts from the very moment you make the decision. Indian weddings are the most colorful and vibrant. When two people decide to spend their lives together it is as good as accepting each other and as well as families. A wedding is where two families come together and celebrate the beautiful moments of the beautiful union of love and commitment.

Wedding Dates in 2021

Weddings require a lot of planning. This is the biggest event in your life and the most important one. Indian weddings are about a lot of beautiful rituals, matching horoscopes, and selecting an auspicious date to get heavenly blessings for the union. It is said that choosing an auspicious date is essential as it is considered sacred and holy to do the same. Wedding dates are available as per the Hindu calendar. They might not be available every month. The pundit decides the best wedding date for the couple after analyzing their horoscopes. This is the norm in Indian weddings.

Sacred rituals are carried out pre-wedding and post-wedding. This varies for every culture. The bride and groom are anointed with turmeric as it is considered to be sacred. There are many more rituals conducted for engagement and marriage in Indian weddings. They are vibrant, colorful, full of songs, music, and are elaborate. This is the journey to start with your soulmate and nurture each others’ life in life together.

A lovely phase of your life where you can start your journey together with the one you love. Giving endless love for each other through marriage and commitment makes life worth living. Sharing your life with someone is a blessing. Through fights, misunderstandings, sweet moments, and all kinds of confusing situations, when you have a true love for each other, you yearn to be together, no matter what, it makes the journey of your life worthwhile.

Planning for marriage and taking this important step in your life means a lot of things. It means you are ready for the responsibility and know love for each other is more than a romantic journey. It is the responsibility of starting a family, having kids, building your future together. Celebrate this wonderful journey together with marriage and create a wonderful life together.

Marriage is a way to bring each other closer to each other lifelong and sing along different tunes. A marriage is a promise that every stage of life that you spend together will be endearing and meaningful. It is a promise that you will support each other, no matter what. Through good times and bad times, it is holding hands and wanting to be with each other lifelong. It is understanding each other’s psyche and at a soul level. You can choose from these auspicious dates to fix your marriage in 2021.

Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2021

Date Time
January 20 12:00 am to 12:26 pm
January 24 12:00 am, 10:01 am
January 31 12:00 am, 2:28 am

Auspicious Wedding Dates in February 2021

Date Time
February 1 6:25pm, 11:59pm
February 7 04:14 pm, 03:21pm
February 14 04:33pm
February 15 01:59pm
February 21 03:42 pm
February 22 10:58pm
February 28 11:19pm, 04:21pm

Auspicious Wedding Dates in March 2021

Date Time
March 03 03:29 am
March 04 12:22am
March 05 08:54 am , 07:54pm
March 08 08:40 pm, 11:59pm
March 14 05:06 pm, 06:09 pm

AusWedding Dates in April 2021

Date Time
April 16 06:06 pm, 11:59 pm
April 22 05:01 pm
April 23 07:42 pm
April 25 08:14 am, 04:13 pm
April 28 05:13 pm
April 29 11:48 pm
April 30 07:10 pm, 11:59 pm

Wedding Dates in May 2021

Date Time
May 3 02:09 am, 08:22 pm
May 7 07:30 pm, 11:59 pm
May 14 12:50 am, 11:59 pm
May 21 03:22 pm, 11: 59 pm
May 23 06:43 am, 12:12 pm
May 24 11:13 am, 11:59 pm
May 27 10:29 pm
May 28 08:01 pm
May 30 04:03 pm, 04:41 pm

Best Wedding Dates in June 2021

Date Time
June 4 02:22 am, 03:11 pm
June 20 08:59 pm
June 21 04:45 pm
June 23 12:00 am, 06:59 am

Auspicious Wedding Dates in July 2021

Date Time
July 1 02:03 am, 02:02 pm
July 15 03:42 am, 07:16 am
July 16 09:42 am, 04:59 pm

Best Wedding Dates in November 2021

Date Time
November 21 12:00 am
November 22 09:08 am
November 29 05:30 am, 04:48 pm

Wedding Dates in December 2021

Date Time
December 1 06:47 pm, 11:35 pm
December 8 12:00 am, 12:11 am

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 Conclusion on Wedding Dates in 2021

These are the wedding dates for Indian weddings. You can choose from them and choose an auspicious date to perform the marriage ceremony. Celebrate love, union, and togetherness forever with this ceremony. You can fix your wedding choosing from these dates and enjoy preparing for marriage celebrations on these occasions.

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