Weddings During Coronavirus: How to Plan a Wedding During COVID–19

Wedding During Coronavirus: How to Plan a Wedding During COVID–19

Covid-19 – a term that makes us all feel goosebumps. The whole world is wishing every day for this virus to blew off but now people have realized that to fight with this dangerous virus, all you need is good and strong immunity.

We all can’t live quarantined for years and it is important to give a check to our pending tasks that we left incomplete during the lockdown, now as we have got a bit of liberty, we can focus on those tasks.

Wedding During Coronavirus

There are many ways through which you can give justice to the wedding event, all you need to have is proper planning and a checklist that says you have taken all the necessary precautions. Let’s see how to plan a wedding during COVID – 19.

1) Choose a feasible destination:

Yes, you might have planned a destination wedding and to turn that dream into reality, it might take years now as no one knows what we have got on the way. So, to make your wedding a successful and a happening one, you can choose a place where fewer events have happened, which is clean and you are so comfortable at that place that you can almost forget about coronavirus.

You can either book a small hall that has a capacity of 20-30 guests or can choose a big garden where social distancing can be maintained easily. However, if you book a small hall then also, maintaining social distancing is the primary precaution that should be taken care of.

2) Make a list of guests:

When it is your special day, all of your loved ones wish to give you blessings. If they truly love you it can be given from a distance also, isn’t it right? Make a list of how many people do you actually want to invite in your wedding keeping all the norms into consideration.

As per the rules, only 50 people can attend your wedding, so you shall make a list that covers all the important people whom you think must be there at your wedding. However, if there are people who get offended you can throw them a party once all these things become normal. As per the situation, no one will feel bad though if they have an understanding heart.

So, yes make a proper list of whom you are going to see at your wedding! Don’t forget to include your favorite brides’ maid or man of honor though!

3) Live Stream of Your Wedding:

As said above, inviting hundreds of people at a wedding is next to impossible but an alternative solution to solve this serious problem has been found out. You need to have proper planning for an online wedding.

What you can do is, organize a live session of your wedding and make an invitation card on which you mention that where you will be doing your live streaming. In this manner, you will be able to let your loved ones attend your wedding from a distance through the digital medium. Exciting isn’t it. This COVID-19 is giving us major goals to explore new ways to stay connected, no matter what the distance it.

4) Introduce a stylish facemasks:

A simple mask with a glamorous look will kill your costume look. What you can do it, once you have decided what you will be wearing on your big day, you can get yourself a matching mask tailored for yourself that can match your glamour look.

5) Focus on the seating arrangement:

Before your big day arrives, visit the venue and check how you can keep the seating arrangement so that social distance is maintained. Covid-19 mostly spread through sneezing and coughing so if there is any guest who is a bit ill, you can observe it and take instant precautions.

Mentioned above are the 5 ways of how you can plan a wedding during Covid-19 and make your wedding a grand one. Moving ahead, people are asking a few questions about how they can plan their wedding in a better way, so let us see some frequently asked questions related to how to plan a wedding during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Plan Wedding During COVID-19?

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Que: Is it really a good idea to plan a wedding during COVID – 19?

Ans: From your end, if it is possible to postpone it then it will be good for you and all your relatives, but if you are bounded in a situation where postponing your wedding is not an option then you can proceed with the ceremony.

However, you can cut down yourself from having a grand wedding, you can either have a court marriage or a simple marriage with minimal guests.

Que: I am planning to do live streaming of my wedding; which applications will be the best?

Ans: If you own a YouTube channel, then the best place where you can do the live streaming of your wedding is YouTube itself, otherwise you can have Instagram as an option. Other applications like Skype, Jio Meet, and more can be used for the same.

Que: How about doing a wedding at home itself by calling out the marriage lawyers?

Ans: It is a brilliant idea. You can surely proceed with it if you are thinking about it. All that matters is spending every day with your loved ones and this can be celebrated with small happiness too. So, yes definitely you can go with this choice!

Basic Tips to Prevent from Coronavirus during Wedding

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  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly
  • Drink warm water
  • Do not go outside until it is an emergency
  • Don’t meet people who are going outside
  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible
  • Wear a mask, don’t remove it at public places
  • Boost your immunity by doing exercise
  • Wear gloves if you know that you will be touching different places.

Conclusion about Wedding during Coronavirus

So, as you now know what precautions you can take, plan your wedding accordingly, and start your new journey. Stay tuned with us to get to know more information about such important and exciting topics.

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