8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

But before they do so, they gotta crawl back into their minds and control their imagination from running wild. Mostly, men think about a few specific things such as $ex, Food, Games/Sports, Sleep and repeat. And except for the gaming/sporting part, they have this bad tendency to think, even during $ex. The list goes along with the activity timeline too, slightly.

8 Weird Thoughts Guys Have During Love Making

Since the beginning, this is the primary concern. And when the engines start to rev-up, within minutes it turns nightmarish.

1) With all the other fluids, men crave for water too

With dehydration, follows thirst, especially during the marathonian event where you need tremendous amounts of energy (or so it seems). Yet, nothing can be done about it, alas.

2) That certainly wasn’t there before, was it?

This comes in two ways; as a surprise (of discovery), as a suspicion. Earlier in the relationship, we tend to discover new landmarks and details which take over the thought process. Later in the relationship, mostly some such discoveries lead to suspicion of cheating.

3) Football, baseball, sports, any and every

Often during the long run, mainly the ‘bringing up the mood part’, our mind tends to entertain us with thoughts of sports and (non-sexual) stuff we like. Many have also reported having strayed off in deep sciences and philosophies.

4) Check your hard-ware

With straying thoughts, the mean-lean-machine is bound to get malfunctioning or so it might happen, aim wrong. The sudden realization of it is the worst of thoughts, as it can take everything down south.

5) How do I look, am I even in shape?

Worries, insecurities are not just a female thing, instead, guys have them too and that, right during the action. For all the other time, we are the coolest dude.

6) She just finished, no she’s about to, I guess so

No words to explain this.

7) Oh shit! I just did, shit shit shit!

8) And no way am gonna explain this too!

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